Monday, 23 January 2012

American Apparel Inspired Le Sac Dress

Nope, your eyes are not playing tricks on you and yes, you can really purchase these exclusive pieces from us! At the first look, you might think that this garment is just a drape dress which comes with a strap. Ahh…but once you dig deeper, you’ll discover that this is one dress with endless possibilities!
We think the best part about the Le Sac is that you can also go for layering to give you exciting and chic looks. You do know what this means right? You can even wear this one to the office! Try pairing with tank tops, turtlenecks and whatnots and you’ll be amazed at the stuff you can come up with. Fashionable Muslimah’s can also work the Le Sac dress by adding long-sleeves, jeans and leggings!
FabSugar might have highlighted that "This dress can be wrapped, twisted, and tied into seven different styles - amazing!", but we know that y’all can do way better than just seven. says that the dress can be worn in 12 different ways. We’re looking to see who can top this number! And to do that, you’ll have to get your hands on this piece by purchasing from us.
Hipstercrite mentioned on her blog: “Then the other day, a friend walked me step by step through a couple of different styles. A light bulb went off. This sh** is easy! And it looks super cute too! Ever since then I’ve been a Le Sac machine; changing into a different style every two hours. Who needs a stylist when you can constantly reinvent your own dress?”. So be warned… you’ll be completely hooked on to experimenting with new styles—but that can’t be a bad thing, can it?!!

Colours available: Black, Grey, Dusky Purple, Red, Hot Pink, Royal Purple, Turquoise, Burnt Orange, Nude, Lilac, Canary Yellow, Dusky Pink, Almond Mocha.

One size fits all!

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